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if tonight the berlin wall was to fall

19 years ago we were the first to tell the world the great news: I was there when the berlin wall fell and today we would be already there, live. 


[a] news is a platform of foreing correspondents and television reporters that offers coverage from brussels and all over europe, offers daily stories live to your television news: a breaking news coverage that is straightforward and clear, close to you: because you get more for less: because you want to add depth to your coverage, because we offer the keys to understanding europe, telling you the things like they are, because we are independent and pioneers, in the fight for [a] news frontier. 

we are prepared to operate every day of the year to offer live coverage of breaking news and daily events in europe, we can respond in less than 60 minutes in brussels and whitin the day when breaking news happens, anywhere in europe.

it’s true: we want to be there first and we want to be the number one for you.

if tonight the berlin wall was to fall, [anews would be already there, live.