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back into the future

ZP was optimistic in Brussels. He explained why:

It is true, José-María, that the markets are going wrong, but my advice is to have a look at the Euribor: then you will see that the financial system is starting to get better.

I would like to believe in what my President says, but I am not so sure if he is right. We will see. Zapatero’s assistants suggest him to better focus on the public expense, just the way Roosevelt did when the Great Depression: spending money is what we need, and Spain is a good example:


These are not days for reducing expenses, frankly: we have to push just until the economy of innovation arrives.




For this reason, Rodríguez Zapatero’s government has already informed that no one should expect such reduction. ZP has even promised that there will be more money for R+D+I, infraestructures and education. A really dary program of the socialist government to put into practice. Anyhow, we still do not know if Spain will be accepted in the new international financial system.


Seen how president Bush has ignored Spain as a potential guest for the financial summit that will take place next 15th November, everybody’s mood is just as the Stock Exchange’s: lower impossible. Unless president Sarkozy comes to let us France’s place, as he has already declared. This gesture would be historic, I can even picture it: Spain representing France in Washington, while France represents the European Union. Nothing better than approaching problems with a bit of imagination.