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a certain idea of europe


por qué aburre europa


Para un periodista, hablar de Europa suele significar un buen rato de discusión con su redactor jefe que piensa –evidente querido Watson– en que se va a quedar sin audiencia o sin lectores en cuento se mienta Bruselas. Yo disiento, aunque no es fácil demostrarlo cada día. Igual que hay buena y mala literatura, cine de primera y películas b, c y d, pues también pueden haber crónicas de quitarse en sombrero sobre la UE. Pero normalmente no sabemos vestir la historia… como nos explica nuestra firma invitada, Valentina Bonaccorso del European Journalism Centre. Hay que vestir Europa, hay que ponerla guapa. [más]



To all those expats living and working in the capital of Europe, words like “comitology” and acronyms like ‘CAP’ or “QMV” sounds rather familiar. Even if these people are sometimes not fully aware of their real meaning and scope, they can at least come out with an explanation of the field of action they refer to.

If the same question was asked to any European citizen walking in Thessaloniki, Riga, Faro or Dusseldorf, the chances of getting the right answer would be much, much less. Nothing really “new” about what just said to any of the correspondents belonging to one of the largest press corps in the world: the Brussels one.

2467470994_f57bf00995European citizens are by default not interested about the Union they belong to. Unless a scandal involving one of their national leaders breaks out, and/or a law is negatively impacting a specific interest group, the echo of the news is difficult to be heard outside the EU bubble. With the citizens’ interest decreasing and the number of european decisions raising, the challenge of reporting becomes harder and harder.

The main reason being that covering the political developments 2982088771_4592cd5c7cconcurrently happening in different Institutions – each shaping hundreds of proposals and decisions – requires an excellent understanding of the policy agenda as well as the capability of creating “news” where no current awareness or interest exists. It is interesting to find out how newsmen play more and more a remarkable role in the European integration process… certainly more than their Institutional counterparts.