marcel and the journalism virus

Marcel Pieper seems to incorporate all ingredients a journalist needs: Curiosity, an open mind, mobility, willingness to constantly learn news things. He got infected with the ‘journalism’ virus at the age of 16 during a two-week internship at a regional newspaper in his hometown Moers, 30 minutes East of the Dutch border and 45 minutes North of Cologne, the centre of German happiness. Marcel kept working for this paper as a free-lancer, until he moved to Muenster to study international politics and the antipode to what the people between Düsseldorf and Cologne call ‘Rheinischer Frohsinn”. It soon became clear that neither the beauty of the city nor his friends could stop him from moving on. In August 2001, Marcel went abroad to study US politics and the American way of life in Richmond, Virginia, 1 ½ hour drive from Washington, D.C. Three weeks later terrorists steered airplanes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center (WTC). Ironically, he saw the pictures of the second plane hitting the WTC towers while entering the room for his TV journalism course. The way how the attacks shaped not only campus life, but the country as a whole became the theme of his final project. Back from the US, Marcel moved to Berlin to finish his studies and try his fortune in TV reporting, first at ZDF, Second German TV, then at ARD, first German channel. He watched closely the power shift from the ‘Basta’-chancellor Gerhard Schröder to Angela Merkel, the first female leader, hoping that he could learn from both approaches for his future career. Since 2007, he is back to writing stories, this time for the online portal on EU enlargement or Sarkozy’s mission to rescue Europe. His new home is Brussels but it is unlikely that this is meant to be the final destination.

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