archivo | 27/10/2008

talking head(s)

teijinder singh says on himself that he is a veteran political and business journalist who distils the mountains of EU paperwork into easily digested reports for readers. teijinder is an indian journalist in brussels, a real multicultural person who symbolises for me the meeting between east and west: very critical to the european institutions and vey european at the same time. I like his multitasking way of living and his x-ray analysis capabilities. he was tonight live on an american blogtalkradio, with a couple of international foreign correspondents, talking about the world economic crisis and the solutionsà suivre aunque no parece que hayan hablado mucho ni de españa ni del punto g. teijinder says:

ordinary citizens have lost faith in the banking sector: It’s more than a month (since the crisis began) and no one has been brought to book, instead we are pumping money and more money into the hands of the same people.

a monkeys’ story, already told! 

paul: two decades chasing the news

From the launch of the euro, to the eating habits of Icelanders; from the thoughts of a Nobel winning novelist to the impressions of an Afghan school girl enjoyingher first day in class, Paul Ames has spend two decades chasing the news. He has reported from Kigali , Kabul and Kinshasa, but the focus has always been Europe. Paul is used to firing questions to leaders at EU summits, talking strategy with NATO generals or working the Brussels diplomatic circuit to dig for scoops. Looking beyond Brussels , he’s sought to show how ordinary and extraordinary Europeans are affected by changes sweeping the continent, Scottish trawlermen struggling with shrinking cod quotas, Latvian soldiers switching from Warsaw Pact to Atlantic Alliance, unemployed steel workers facing life on the dole. An Englishman who has spent his working life on mainland Europe, mostly working for America ’s Associated Press, Paul has an international outlook and remains committed to the universal values of a journalism that is quick and compelling, factual and fair.